Computing Facilities / Bookstore /Conference Room /Restaurant

The West African Reasearch Center has a conference, seminar and round-table room. The Center also makes available for the west African Research Association members and other researchers, computer rooms with printers and access to Internet, a Restaurant, a Library and a research room.

The Center's Restaurant

In September 1998, a concession stand opened at WARC that would provide refreshments and serve as a lunch place for WARC staff members and surrounding organizations in the Fann-Residence area.
Ms. Awa Mané is managing the buvette. The women who work there prepare lunch everyday and see to its daily operations. In February 1999, Ms.Mane was one of the first employees of the stand who began working there and was joined by Ms Emilie Bass and Ms Angel Mendy in 2000 and 2001 respectively. The concession stand serves not only the WARC community, but also the staff of other places in the vicinity such as Cheikh Anta Diop University.

The WARC restaurant has been set up in oder to enable researchers, employees, student and visitors to have adequate meals at the site, have coffee, drinks and other commodities. It is opened to other employees of neighboring offices. The prices are very reasonable and the main aim is to help the restaurant reach financial autonomy but also enable the members and neighbors to use it without having to leave the area. American and Senegalese dishes are mostly served as well as exotic drinks. Besides, the site is really pleasant and relaxing..


The center's library was set up in January 2001 from Director Mrs. Wendy Wilson Fall's initiative(to meet the multiple requests from the researchers and the public coming to the center). With CODESRIA and IFAN as partners, a scientific documentation on Africa in general and West Africa in particular, was made available at the bookstore for African and African American researchers.

Computing Facilities

WARC has a computer lab that allow researchers and other users to be connected to the rest of world.
It is a place where one has to pay only 66 cents / hour to have his/her connection time. In it, one can also print as many documents as you want to but make photocopies too.

Conference Room

The conference room is mainly used when we have meetings, film shows, and so on. It happens that we rent it to people organising seminars, round table etc.