The Library of WARC

The WARC library was named after the late Dr. Mouhamed Moustapha Kane. It represents one of the original departemental goals for the center. It was opened on February the 7th, 1998 by the Faculty of Arts's Dean, Mr. Oumar Kane in the presence of the late Moustapha Kane's family.

The Center's library offers to the reaserchers and to the subscribers an acces to a variety of scientific documentation on particularly West Africa and the Diaspora.

The library is composed of two reading areas and a reception/orientation office. In support of WARC's research dimension, one of the reading areas has been specifically reserved for researchers to allow them access to certain publications such as dissertations, periodicals, magazine reviews, etc. The second reading area is open to students and the public. Presently, the library has at its disposal over 3,000 volumes divided specially in the files ''Africa'' and ''Diaspora''. It also has many collections of scientific magazines and memoirs.

ts sources of funding include:

  • Donations from essentially American or African researchers, students or institutions (American Cultural Center, Michigan State University Library, Late Moustapha Kane's family, African Studies from Columbia University ...)
  • Own acquisitions according to the center's needs, particularly the researcher's.
  • The Library is being used by over more than 700 subscribers, mainly researchers and professors of different nationalities. It is open 5 days a week, Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

    Available and Interesting books:

    1. The islamic regime of Fuuta Tooro: an anthology of oral tradition tanscribed in pulaar and tranlated into english by Moustapha Kane and David Robinson.1984.
    2. Histoire de la Mauritanie: essais et synthèses. University of Nouakchott and University of Provence.1999.
    3. Encyclopedia of Africa South of the Sahara Volume 1 by John Middleton. 1997.
    4. Dictionnaire des femmes célébres du Mali (des temps mythico-légendaires au 26 Mars 1991) précédé d'une analyse sur le rôle et l'image de la femme dans l'histoire du Mali. By Adam Ba Konaré. 1993.
    5. Faces of Islam in African literature by Kenneth W. Harrow. 1991.
    6. The tran-Atlantic Slave Trade: a database on CD-ROM by David Eltis, Stephen D.Behrendt, David Richardson and Herbert S. Klein. 1999.
    7. La Kora, objet-témoin de la civilisation manding (essai d'analyse organologique d'une harpe luth africaine) by Ousmane Sow Huchard. 2000.
    8. Annuaire sur l'environnement et les ressources naturelles du Sénégal. Centre de Suivi Ecologique (CSE). 2000.
    9. Ecological imperialism, the biological expansion of Europe, 900-1900 by Alfred W. Crosby. 1986.
    10. Senegal, an african nation between Islam and the West by Sheldon Gellar. 1982.
    11. L'éthique Ceddo et la société d'accaparement (ou les conduites culturelles des sénégalais d'aujourd'hui). Tome 1. Le Goorgi: type moyen de la société sénégalaise urbaine post-indépendance. Malick Ndiaye. 1996
    12. L'éthique Ceddo et la société d'accaparement (ou les conduites culturelles des sénégalais d'aujourd'hui). Tome 2. Les Móodu Móodu ou l'éthos du développement au Sénégal. Malick Ndiaye.1998
    13. L'interprétation des rêves dans la région sénégambienne suivi de la clef des songes de la sénégambie, de l'Egypte pharaonique et de la tradition islamique. Djibril SAMB.1998
    14. L'âge du fer au Sénégal: histoire et archéologie. Hamady BOCOUM. 2000
    15. Soldiers of misfortune: Ivoirien Tirailleurs of World War II. Nancy Ellen Lawler. 1992.
    16. Recueil des traditions orales des Mandingues de Gambie et de Casamance by Sékéné Mody Cissoko et Kaoussou Sambou.1974.
    17. Booms et crises du cacao: les vertiges de l'or brun. François RUF.1995.
    18. Inequality in Africa: political elites, proletariat, peasants and the poor. E.Wayne Nafziger. 1988.
    19. After the Jihad: the reign of Ahmad Al-Kabir in the Western Sudan. John Hanson and David Robinson. 1991.
    20. Actes du Colloque International sur le Mouvement Almoravide (Nouakchott Avril 1996). MASADIR. 1999.

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